US Residents
US Citizens

We can assist you to plan for (and during) retirement, succession and any other financial goals that you may have.


We can advise you about the many opportunities that allow you to take advantage of your status as an expatriate.

International Institution Employees

We can help unravel the complexities of your financial situation and tailor a unique plan that benefits your situation.

Residents of other countries

We have the knowledge and the expertise to offer financial services to clients in many countries.

Dunhill Financial

We are international financial planners to primarily (but not exclusively) English-speaking expatriates. Our aim is to create an environment of trust, discretion and confidence through offering personalised solutions. Through aggregated planning and collaborating (where appropriate with your accountant and attorney) we will be in a position to help with every aspect of your financial planning. We will select a diverse group of carefully chosen, and vigorously monitored investment managers to manage your assets rather than promoting packages of our own.


▸   Financial Planning

▸   Short-term Planning

▸   Longer term Planning

▸   Pension Planning including Social Security

▸   Insurance and Estate Planning

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Financial Planning:
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