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Adapting & Thriving To The Adventure of Living Abroad

Isa Kettmann

13 Jan 2023

When it comes to moving abroad, expatriates often don’t truly know what to expect until they’re in the thick of it. By then, they’re already behind the learning curve and may be experiencing cultural transition stress.

When it comes to international relocations, we often don’t truly know what to expect until we are in the thick of it. To best prepare and for practical tips on managing cultural transition stress, join us on January 18 at 3:30 pm CET for a session with Amy Morton, Expat Coach. 

Amy will discuss how you can:

  • Have the confidence, encouragement, tools and appropriate plan to make the most of your move overseas.

  • Feel less overwhelmed.

  • Feel like yourself again and take control of where you're heading.

  • Improve your work and personal relationships.

  • Feel less homesick and enjoy life in your new country.

  • Adjust to new and different cultures.

  • Deal with change and the stress of the move abroad.

  • Find purpose in your new country.

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