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Women's Wellness & Wellbeing Group

Updated: Mar 30, 2023

Dunhill Financial's expat women's wellness and wellbeing group is going from strength to strength.

We run quarterly online events for women living abroad that introduce inspirational speakers who provide insights on personal wellbeing and succeeding professionally.

You can see recordings of our previous events here, and you can join our expat women's LinkedIn group here.

Our next expat women’s event is coming up soon! Join us on December 7th for a discussion with Adrian Leeds about her incredible journey to a successful life in France.

As a real estate expert, she will also discuss the current state of real estate and talk about practical tips for those who are looking to buy property near term. To sign up, click here.

During our most recent North American Expats Financial Forum meanwhile, Adrian Leeds and Anya discussed important year-end planning items.

Most of the topics discussed apply to expats in all different countries. You can find a replay here.

Or, if you are short on time, take a moment to review our end of year checklist.

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